ccarving: your art is so good! :)

thanks so much :))

Posted 2 years ago


am i artsy yet

does this count as art lol

I actually haven’t drawn since I last updated this blog. 

I hope I’ll have to chance to during Easter.

Posted 2 years ago

something super shitty doodle experimental messy who even cares

uploading because i havent updated in forever and feel obligated to do so

sorry you had to suffer and see this

maybeinamillionyears-deactivate: just stumbled across your blog, am now a big fan! keep up with your amazing work

Aw thanks so much! <3

Posted 2 years ago
untrance: wow, your drawings and paintings are really good :) keep up the great work. x

thanks so much! this means a lot to me and i really appreciate it :) x

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Hi all! I haven’t really had the time to art recently (yes- I realise that art is not a verb), so this blog has been rather inactive!

Anyways, if any of you are budding artists out there or just dabblers like myself, this blog may be somewhat useful to you!

It’s my art reference blog, filled with tutorials, references (duh), technical tips, etc. Feel free to hop over to that blog and check some things out, you might find it useful!

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ex-hilaration: emz your artworks are divine ~althea

thank you very mucho!!! <3

Posted 2 years ago


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